Raised between city and ocean in Los Angeles, Tim Aukshunas has developed a refined perspective as a self-taught visual journalist. He has a keen eye for light, contrast and composition that is represented in every photograph.

Tim discovered the artistry of photography out of an innate curiosity as a brand marketer, visual design artist and an observer of life and culture in Southern California. He has a distinctive ability to observe and share a meaningful story in each of his photographs. As an explorer of people, places and the untold narrative of life, Tim captures the heart of story through his photography. He blends both captivating scenery and life in its simplest form to create a matchless style.

He currently calls Long Beach, California home where he captures the authenticity and heart of the people, places and the lives that unfold.

Tim is available for hire locally and abroad.

E: tim@aukshunasphoto.com

M: 949-514—0095

IG: @tim_auks

Updated 1 January 2019